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ATN Star Jalsha


Now available on  channel 839 of TV

ATN Star Jalsha:  Star Jalsha is India's leading Bengali General Entertainment channel by STAR TV and Fox International Channels networks. The channel launched with a brand philosophy "Cholo Paltai" (Lets Change) and offers an array of programs in different genres with fresh storylines, talented actors and soulful music.

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Mahabharat (Mon – Sat; 5:00 pm)

Star jalsha brings to you the greatest story ever told, in a fresh new narrative format, and promising a never-seen-before visual experience, in 128 episode finite series. World Class VFX on Television.




Titli is a granddaughter of a rich industrialist Snehamoy Mitter. Story begins on the day of her marriage. She is engaged to Gunjan, the son of another wealthy man Anandarup Sanyal. Titli’s father Hiranmoy has squandered his father’s money and become bankrupt. He hopes that after Titli marries Gunjan, Anandarup Sanyal will make him a partner in his profitable business. But Titli is not aware of the whole thing. Only her elder sister Jhimli knows about it. Jhimli is a doctor & probably the only sensible & matured person of this family

      What happens after this is revealed as the story slowly unfolds.

Bodhuboron (Mon – Sat; 6:00 pm)

Bodhuboron is the story of an orphan girl Konok, brought up at her maternal uncle’s place along with her cousin, Jhilmil. Innocent, simple and docile by nature, she never received the love and affection she deserved. By twist of fate she gets married to one of the richest industrialist family of Kolkata. But she fails to get her husband’s love as she is uneducated and lacked sophistication. Her mother-in-law, Indira, realizes that Konok is not happy in the marriage. She steps in and takes up the responsibility to ensure that Konok gets her due respect and love from her husband. She starts grooming Kanak. Thus with the help of her mother-in-law Konok starts her journey to be the perfect wife.


Ishti Kutum

This story, traces the life of Baha. A simple girl who is forced to get married to a bright young man from the city. But the young man archi, an outgoing individual already has a girlfriend whom he has promised to marry. Nevertheless, Baha vows to keep this painful secret and requests refuge in return, but during her stay in the city and through a flow of event, Archi's relationship tapers away, Archi discloses his secret marriage with Baha. Komolika, is devastated to hear this news.


Bodhu Kon Alo Laglo Chokhe


“This is a story of a beautiful girl name Alo and the various ups and downs she goes throughout her life. A failed marriage caused Alo to attempt suicide but the twist of fate brought Sourav to her. Alo accepts to nurture Sourav’s daughter Icche, who suffers from an incurable disease. Though Alo and Sourav care for each other they never represented themselves as ideal married couple as  both of them are traumatized with their past experience of marriage. Its now to see how the relationship develops as the story unfolds.”


A story about love. Om and Tora are a couple in love but have to go through several challenges to realize the dream of being together. It charted their journey from their youth to now when they are older where life again plays a trick on them when they are so near to each other but cannot make their relation work.



Jhilik an innocent little bubbly girl, who was stolen from her family at a very young age. Re-Uniting with her mother became her sole mission in life. After long hiatus, she finally returns to her family who accepts her without love. A heart-broken Jhilik, decides to run away and not return till her family calls her back. Detached from her family, Jhilik comes across another lady who brings her up with daughterly love. Will Jhilik be able to succeed in her mission that is to reunite with her mother?

   Bojhena se Bojhena (Mon – Sat; 8:30 pm) -  

Bojhena Se Bojhena is the story of Pakhi and Aranya. Pakhi is a lively, self-dependent, talkative and strong willed girl, traditionally rooted but progressive in her thinking. She has a unique approach to life and believes in the institution of marriage and relationships. She is an orphan who grew up with her Mashi and Mesho in Maldah. Pakhi shares a special bonding with her cousin sister Piu.

Aranya on the other hand is a young business tycoon who runs a chain of hotels. He never fully recovered from his wounded childhood when he and his sister were unceremoniously thrown out of their ancestral home in Maldah after their mother committed suicide. The bitter incidents of his tragic past left a lasting impression on his psyche causing him to emotionally withdraw himself into a shell. For the outside world, Aranya is a dispassionate, cold-hearted, mercenary, hard-as-nails person, cleverly concealing his vulnerability. The only person for whom he can go to any lengths is his sister, Ananya. 
Find out what happens when Pakhi and Aranya’s paths cross for the first time. To know more, don’t forget to tune-in to Bojhena Se Bojhena


Jol Nupur


Jol Nupur is a universal love story of Kaju, a wild child who grew up by the sea,amidst nature.within her is a spirit of dance which gives her a sense of freedom. kaju is rooted to deep values and beliefs.her life takes a turn when Arin gets into mischief and throws a garland around her neck,which in her custom means nothing but marriage. Although she knows that Arin is not aware of her custom,she decides not to be answerable to her village and ends up asking Arin to marry her.what will happen next? Will Arin marry her or will Kaju live her life all by herself? Jolnupur traces how Kaju’s life shapes up after the incident

Tomae Amae Mile 

The story is about a girl called Ushoshi Mitra… a girl who had a dream… a dream to become someone…. something in her life… a dream of acquiring higher education… a dream to be part of country’s system… a dream of being an IPS officer… This story is about the struggle to fulfill that dream… to rise above her circumstances.



The paths of two women, Ishani and Kamala cross accidentally, when Kamala saves Ishani from being molested. The two girls, finally come together to lodge a battle for all woman who are subject to molestation and eve teasing every day. They dare to raise their voice against harassment and abuse – both mental and physical.


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