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Current Shows

Yeh Hai Mohobbatein

Yeh Hai Mohobbatein, is a heart-warming story that revolves around a simple, middle-class girl, Ishita Iyer, with a past of a failed relationship whose life changes when fate brings her face to face with a 5 year old girl, Ruhi. This is also a tale of two very different people Ishita and Raman, from very different walks of life, how they meet each other and influence each other’s life. Yeh Hai Mohobbatein is a mature love story between two neighbors loosely based on Manju Kapoor’s famous novel “Custody”.

Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi, Meri Bhabhi

 Meri Bhabhi is a show about the lovely bond shared between a sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Shraddha the nanad finds a friend in Kritika her bhabhi. Kritika is a loving person and a dutiful bahu of the Shergill family. She knows how to keep the family together.

She is gentle, understanding and is very good at relieving tense moments with her humour. She is the most perfect house wife. Kritika plays a significant role in the life of Shraddha and shows her how to live with her head held high in difficult circumstances.


It is a poignant love story of two soul mates: Saras and Kumud, who are denied the joy of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again.

It is a classic tale of love and heart ache, pride and prejudice, of yearning and longing between two people who were so close yet not close enough to two people today who are so far from each other yet not far enough in heart.

Rishta Wohi –  Story of unrequited love. Their love story goes through several ups and downs. Eventually Kumud gets married to someone else.

Soch Nayi – In spite of not ending up with the love of his life, Saras fulfils all my duties as the man in her life . This is out of unconditional love for his soul mate.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The concept of an arranged marriage is quiet unique to the Indian culture. The families choose the bride and the groom as per their own beliefs and customs and the two strangers are tied for a lifetime by the knot of holy matrimony. There is no question of a courting period or the individual preferences of the bride or the groom.

This story is a beautiful and heart warming story of a girl called Akshara who, not unlike millions of other girls in India, knows that her marriage will happen with the consent of her parents and family. Like other young girls, she also has grown up fancying film stars and cricket stars…but to fall in love before marriage remains a distant dream for her.

Akshara is born into a traditional Marwari family- the Maheshwari family of Udaipur. She is the apple of everyone’s eye and lives a protected and sheltered life. Her family loves her very much and sets up her alliance with a deserving boy of their community.

Although she willingly accepts her marriage with Naitik, whom her parents have chosen as her life partner, she realizes that their relationship is not like any of the romantic notions she had nurtured in her heart about her future husband.

Her mother explains to her that love is an emotion that finds it’s way gradually into the relationship between a husband and wife. As they get to know each other more and more and learn to adapt themselves to their life partner, love will surface and they will find their bonds strengthened by it.

Akshara then begins the journey of discovery of her new life wondering if life is really the miracle that her mother proposes it is.

Love after marriage is something Akshara is yet to experience and in the quest of that unrequited love, she is to chance upon changing dimensions of various other relationships… some bitter… some sweet… and finally discover that life is indeed a miracle.

  Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir promises to recreate the same magic as the first season and brings a riveting love story. This is the story of two distinct individuals, an innocent girl from a liberal family and a man who hates women and has turned into a chauvinist due to a tragic past. Love being a universal theme, the new season will present an interesting contrast of personalities entwined in a relationship swaying between love & hate every time their paths cross.

The story of Veera shares the journey of a brother, who becomes a mother to his sister. He takes care of baby     Veera’s every need right from feeding her to grooming her and educating her. They share an unbreakable bond that gets formed between siblings and the life-changing sacrifices they make for each other

Diya Aur Baati Hum,
 is about Sandhya's struggle, who dreams of becoming an IPS officer. She dreams to break the boundaries of her narrow confined existence of middle class values. The story is also about Sooraj, who is a self made man. Sooraj runs a sweet shop near his house which is famous.

Sooraj and Sandhya get married. Sandhya will not be able to finish her graduation. Soon she is part of the family she does not even know. This story is about Sandhya's struggle to fulfill her dream and a journey where she finds help from the most unlikely quarter - a lover who can make it possible.



Saathiya Saath Nibhana
is story is about two girls, Rashi and Gopi, who are complete contrasts of each other. Rashi is a materialistic girl, who wants the best of everything that life has to offer, whereas Gopi is a meek, simple orphan girl who is satisfied with whatever little life has given her.

Rashi wants to get married in a rich family and have a husband and in-laws whom she can keep right under her thumb. Gopi, on the other hand, wants a loving family, who can give her the love she has been deprived of all her life, as she was an orphan.

Will these girls get what they want or does destiny have something else in store for them? Stay tuned to the show to find out all this and more.


Asian Horizons:  Our popular magazine show. Featuring Celebrity Interviews, Music, Dance, and Variety Specials. One of Canada's longest running Multi-cultural television programs.
Asian Digest:  Education, Entertainment and Community specials
Asian Magazine: Half hour South Asian national show, summarizing weekly activities in the community.
Jhankaar: Educational Entertainment and community oriented programming in Hindi.
Urdu Rang:  Poetry, Entertainment and Community focused programming in Urdu
Mojh Mela: Entertainment & Variety Youth oriented programming in Punjabi.
Sada Punjab: Educational Entertainment and Community oriented programming in Punjabi.

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