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chandrakanta atn aapka colors
india banega manch atn aapka colors
bhaag bakool bhaag atn aapka colors
savitri devi college and hospital atn aapka colors
chotte miyan atn aapka colors
dil se dil tak atn aapka colors
ek shringaar swaabhimaan atn aapka colors
shani atn aapka colors
devanshi atn aapka colors
naagin atn aapka colors
shakti aapka colors
sasural simar ka atn aapka colors
kasam tere pyaar ki aapka colors
thapki piyaar ki aapka colors
udaan aapka colors

ATN Aapka Colors

[ Hindi Language ]

Aapka Colors is one of India's leading Hindi entertainment channels.  As a part of its complete entertainment package, 'Aapka COLORS' offers a power packed combination of 'emotions' and 'variety' programming.



1 English
2 Hindi

Availability & Channel Number

1 Bell  (680)
2 Bell Fibe  (790)
3 Cogeco  (1071)
4 Delta Cable  (967)
5 MTS  (505)
6 Rogers  (690)
7 Shaw  (538)
8 Shaw Direct  (810 / 296)
9 Telus  (2315)
10 V Media  (690)
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