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Friday, September 22nd, 2017 // Welcome to Asian Television Network, Canada
maa durga atn colors bangla
nagleela atn colors bangla
meera atn colors bangla
gurudakshina atn colors bangla
rudrani atn colors bangla
dashi atn colors bangla
sadhak bamakhyapa atn colors bangla
aponjon atn colors bangla

ATN Colors Bangla

[ Bangla Language ]

ATN COLORS Bangla : A new refreshing family entertainment channel in the world of Bangla Television, Colors Bangla…Tomar Sapner Rong promises to add colours to the life of everyone by showcasing distinctive rich Bangla culture with qualitative and innovative programming.



1 Bangla

Availability & Channel Number

1 Bell Fibe  (839)
2 Rogers  (679)
3 Roots TV  (na)
4 V Media  (679)
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